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40-Year Anniversary

Posted by EKKA marketing team on Jun 22, 2024 7:34:00 PM
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EKKA Yachts celebrates four decades of yachting successes and adventures.

The EKKA story begins in 1978 with a single Bertram boat, purchased by George Kyriazakos, a young entrepreneur who was passionate about the sea and yachting.

In the 1980s, yachting in Greece was an almost novel affair. The main Attica marinas did not exist, and motor yacht buyers were primarily hobbyists who enjoyed sailing, either on their own or with minimal crew.


It all starts with an idea and lots of passion. In EKKA Yachts' case it was on a Bertram.

With keen insight, George Kyriazakos seized the opportunity to “invent” the boating industry from scratch. The original idea was to import slow boats into Greece at a time of fuel shortages – this became the spark that ignited the subsequent vision. George embarked upon a new adventure that was destined to become a remarkable endeavour.

The EKKA brand pre-existed as a successful automotive spare-parts distributor, and stands for "Parts And Motors Corporation".

In 1981, he started off on a venture with Grand Banks. During the same year and following a series of coincidental events, persistent overtures and many negotiations, George met the Ferretti brother in Bologna and convinced them to have EKKA Yachts become their first ever dealer.


First steps with Grand Banks and meeting the Ferretti brothers

EKKA Yachts played a crucial role in solidifying Ferretti’s reputation for both sailing and motor yachts, and in upholding and continuing the shipyard's legacy. In 1984, EKKA began its collaboration with Kostas Themelis, who initially oversaw the Ferretti and Grand Soleil sailing yachts and eventually also motor yachts. 

Ferretti's strategic acquisition of new brands significantly contributed to the Ferretti Group expansion within Greece. The Greek market was the ideal environment for Ferretti to establish its prominence in the production boat segment of the market. EKKA Yachts, earning prestigious titles such as the Best European Dealer and Best Dealer in the World Awards,  helped the brand flourish and evolve. EKKA Yachts, already enjoying success with the Grand Banks and Grand Soleil sailing boats, and later Hatteras, focused on promoting Ferretti, achieving remarkable accomplishments in sales. 

10 anni festa dealer_M-1 Alessandro e Norberto anno 1987
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Business growth with the Ferretti brothers, Norberto and Alessandro

From even its earliest days, the company was committed to brand loyalty and to providing a comprehensive, client-oriented approach. “Right from the beginning, EKKA Yachts invested in customer service and after-sales service”, says Kyriazakos. “EKKA was also the first yacht dealer in Greece to clearly and unequivocally state that it promoted and supported a specific brand.” EKKA Yachts were, in essence, the first yacht dealers to distinguish themselves from brokers who merely facilitated transactions and to offer all-inclusive services to an ever-growing clientele.

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EKKA’s expansion of its business during the late 80s and 90s brought on more significant partnerships, bringing on brands like Grand Soleil and the American Hatteras sport fishing yachts. In 1990, the company opened its offices in the Alimos area, establishing a comprehensive structure for after-sales service and marketing. 

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Opening of the Alimos office in presence of the late Alessandro Ferretti

At a time when yachts were often unreliable, the company’s strong partnership with Ferretti, and its shared goals and personal relationship with Norberto Ferretti, laid the foundation for exemplary, award-winning service, ensuring absolute client' satisfaction.

The EKKA sales team, led by George Kyriazakos and Kostas Themelis, expanded with the addition of Costis Pontifex as partner in 1998, when the Ferretti Group acquired Pershing; it soon brought the renowned Riva and Bertram brands aboard. The growth of the Ferretti Group and the innovations of these decades served as a powerful marketing tool, enabling EKKA’s continued expansion. The collaboration between Norberto Ferretti and Studio Zuccon was highly successful, helping the shipyard achieve new heights and driving the evolution of the model range technologically and aesthetically.

By 2001, the company expanded to Cyprus with EKKA Yachts Cyprus Limited and its portfolio grew, with brands like Apreamare, Mochi Craft, Custom Line and Itama, as well as CRN, which expanded the EKKA size range to over 60 metres. This period marked significant growth for the company, as it earned numerous awards while promoting its brands in Greece. EKKA Yachts distinguished itself as one of the Ferretti Group top three dealers on the international stage.



EKKA Yachts contributed significantly in developing the market for production power boats in the 2000s. Pictured above, Dimitris Kyriazakos with Pershing founder Tilli Antonelli. Below, aerial shot of EKKA Yachts' display at the 2008 Exclusive Yachting boat-show in Athens.

In 2010, Dimitris Kyriazakos became Managing Director, with a focus on diversifying into new services and products, such the international expansion of a yacht brokerage department and the addition of Williams Performance Tenders. In George Kyriazakos’ words, Dimitris’ “principles of honesty, diligence, reliability, professionalism and accountability are part and parcel of the character he has imparted to everyone in the company.”

Additionally, in 2011, the beginnings of the EKKA chartering branch were established and in 2013 the company moved to its Syngrou Avenue premises, reinstating Grand Soleil and Tofinou and delivering Jade, the notable 60-metre CRN yacht. The expansion continued with EKKA VE Yachts in Cyprus and the Riva Private Deck in Mykonos in 2016, with the company also becoming the exclusive dealer for Pardo Yachts.


The offices on Syngrou Avenue, where the company has been operating its main office from for the past 12 years

The EKKA Yachts Chartering Department initially operated with three yachts used as day-cruisers in Mykonos. Over the next 13 years, the fleet significantly expanded to include vessels from 20 to 50 metres initially in Greek waters and in 2020, launching the first yacht outside Greece. In 2024, the EKKA fleet cruises in key markets including France, Italy, the UAE and the Indian Ocean.

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." – John A. Shedd"

According to Myrto Kyriazakou, “This has been an exciting journey from a small fleet on a Greek island, to a globally recognized chartering department with a strong presence in the international yachting community.”

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EKKA yachts has over the years established numerous offsite events and seasonal offices to celebrate and service its growing clientele. Pictured above, the Riva Private deck in Psarou Bay established in 2016.

The chartering department has established an impressive track record and annual growth, developing a loyal clientele and fostering strong relationships with yacht owners. It boasts an international presence, participating in prestigious shows, such as the Antigua Charter Yacht Show, the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association Show (MYBA), and the Mediterranean Yacht Show (MEDYS). The department's industry recognition is further evidenced by its affiliations with leading associations, including MYBA, the Charter Yacht Brokers Association in the US (CYBA), and the European Committee for Professional Yachting (ECPY).

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M/Y BEST OFF in Monaco

In 2021, EKKA moved into another new and exhilarating era via a notable achievement. The company became brand representatives for the Sanlorenzo Yachts Division and Bluegame Yachts in Greece, which involved major orders for Sanlorenzo superyachts, as well as multiple awards for sales performance.

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In May 2024 EKKA inaugurates the Sanlorenzo Lounge located within the newly developed Astir Marina in Vouliagmeni. Designed by Studio Lissoni and Partners in Milan, the Sanlorenzo Lounge epitomizes elegance and refinement, perfectly reflecting Sanlorenzo’s corporate identity.

The inauguration of the remarkable Sanlorenzo Lounge at Astir Marina is a showcase for the company's commitment to excellence and to cultivating enduring relationships with the brands it represents and its clientele.


Sanlorenzo Lounge in Astir Marina - Vouliagmeni

Managing Director Dimitris Kyriazakos describes the vision behind EKKA Yachts and its decision to create an understated yet elegant new home for Sanlorenzo in Greece: “In a time when almost everything is turning digital, we decided to return to the basics and bring you what reflects the aesthetics and essence that lie at the core of our identity: representing the globe’s best builders and delivering the yachting experience in a truly personal manner to people who aspire to become yachtsmen, whether for a week or a lifetime.”

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The cornerstone of the EKKA success story lies in a profound passion for the sea, coupled with an unwavering dedication to customer service, integrity, and professionalism. As EKKA embarks on its fifth decade, it continues to focus on innovation, to embody the values that have always defined its identity and to provide an unparalleled yachting experience.

Highlights of EKKA Yachts' Journey:






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