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Everlasting Summer

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Embark on a journey of "Endless Summer," where we guide you to the most serene yachting destinations during the cooler months. In the majestic waters of the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, discover idyllic retreats like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Seychelles, Thailand, Oman, and the Maldives. These gems offer a sun-kissed respite, perfect for those seeking warmth and radiance.

While the peak summer months in these regions can bring intense heat and humidity, they transform into ideal yachting havens when the chill sets in elsewhere. Each destination unfolds its own magic: Dubai's architectural grandeur, the Seychelles' pristine natural beauty, Abu Dhabi's deep cultural roots, the dynamic spirit of Thailand, Oman's secluded coastal wonders, and the tranquil allure of the Maldives.

Our itineraries, tailored to a range of preferences, promise unforgettable experiences, whether you seek peaceful retreats, cultural immersions, or marine adventures.

Join us in this pursuit of the sun, offering a warm embrace against the northern winter's cool touch.


“Adventure is worthwhile” Aesop


The Allure of the Persian Gulf – A Blend of Modernity and Tradition

Modern Marvels, Ancient Wonders: The Persian Gulf, also known as the Arabian Gulf, is emerging as a new hotspot for yacht charters, combining modern superyacht options with a rich blend of entertainment, glamour and relaxation options. This region offers a unique experience to observe some of the world’s lushest cities and amazing sights, blending very modern and traditional customs.

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Aerial view Dubai

Highlights of the United Arab Emirates:

  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: A prime event to attend, especially in November, where you can watch the high-octane action from the comfort of your yacht in Yas Marina.
  • New Year's Eve in Dubai: Sailing into the New Year aboard a luxurious yacht in Dubai is a celestial experience. The city's iconic skyline adorned with dazzling fireworks mirrors the grandeur of the festivities. Amidst the gentle waves, laughter resonates, champagne sparkles, and the promise of a splendid year ahead unfolds beneath the radiant Arabian night sky.
  • Diving Sites: The region boasts rich dive sites like Sharm Rock, Martini Rock, and Dibba Island, catering to all diving levels and offering an abundance of wildlife close to the city lights.
  • Wreck of M/V DARA: An exciting dive site for experienced divers, this 122m/400ft wreck lies 20m/66ft underwater and is home to barracuda, guitarfish, and eagle rays.

Oman – A Majestic and Mysterious Coastline

Navigating Oman's Enigmatic Coast:: Oman, with its majestic and mysterious coastline, is an exquisite destination for luxury yacht charters. The country's extensive shoreline unfolds a world of natural beauty and cultural richness, making it a unique yachting paradise.

Best Time to Set Sail: The ideal time to embark on a yachting journey along Oman's coast is during the late autumn and early winter months. During this period, the weather is pleasantly warm, offering clear skies and calm seas, perfect for cruising and exploring.

Activities and Attractions: Oman's coastline is not just about scenic beauty; it's a gateway to a range of activities and experiences:

  • Cultural Landmarks: Visit the historic forts and museums that dot the coastline, offering a glimpse into Oman's rich heritage.
  • Muscat Nightlife: Experience the vibrant nightlife of Muscat, where traditional Omani hospitality meets modern entertainment.
  • Water Sports: The clear waters of Oman are ideal for water sports enthusiasts. Enjoy snorkeling, diving, and sailing in some of the most beautiful waters in the world.

8-Day Itinerary Snapshot: Begin a dreamlike journey from the sparkling Dubai Marina to the serene elegance of the Anantara Hotel at World Islands Dubai. As night falls, sail towards the mystical Musandam Peninsula, where an unspoiled natural landscape awaits, from its crystal-clear coastal waters teeming with dolphins and whales, to its rugged uplands filled with fossils and ancient petroglyphs.

Experience the timeless allure Oman’s Telegraph Island, nestled in breathtaking fjords, and the quaint charm of Kumzar Village, a haven of tradition amidst natural splendor.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Six Senses Zighy Bay, indulging in vibrant snorkeling experiences and water sports. The journey continues with nature's embrace at Lima Rock and the idyllic Dibba Al Baya, enriching your connection with the ocean's wonders.

Conclude your voyage in Khasab, delving into its rich history and stunning marine life. As you navigate back to Dubai Marina, reflect on a voyage filled with unforgettable moments of discovery, relaxation, and culinary delights, leaving you with memories that echo the essence of a truly remarkable maritime adventure.

Discover the full, captivating Oman yachting adventure here

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The Maldives – A Yachting Paradise

An Exquisite Tapestry of Islands: Set sail on a yacht charter through the Maldives, an archipelago synonymous with paradise. This journey, stretching from Malé to Villingili, is an opportunity to reconnect with nature and create cherished moments with loved ones. Experience the Maldives' vibrant beauty and tranquil waters, making it a perfect destination to extend your yachting season. Its pristine atolls, teeming with marine life, and world-class amenities ensure an unmatched yachting adventure.

Best Time to Set Sail: The Maldives is most inviting from November to April, the dry season, offering ideal conditions for yachting with clear skies and calm seas. While December to March marks the peak season with optimal weather, it also brings larger crowds. For a more peaceful experience, consider the shoulder months of November and April. 

Highlights of the Maldives:

  • Baa Atoll: Explore this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a haven of biodiversity with manta rays and whale sharks.
  • Ari Atoll: Dive into the clear blue waters and discover vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life.
  • Rangali Island: Experience luxury at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort, featuring the unique underwater Ithaa restaurant.
  • Maafushi Island: Immerse yourself in local culture and enjoy the picturesque beaches of Maafushi.
  • Vaadhoo Island: Witness the magical "Sea of Stars," where bioluminescent plankton illuminates the night waters.
  • Hanifaru Bay: Part of Baa Atoll, this renowned snorkeling and diving spot is famous for its gatherings of manta rays.




7-day Itinerary Snapshot: Begin your Maldivian dream in Male, cruising to the renowned North Male Atoll. Each island along the way, from the turquoise Rasdhoo Atoll to the serene Veligandu Island, tells its own enchanting story. Experience the thrill of jet-skiing in North Ari Atoll and the underwater wonders of South Ari Atoll, culminating in a unique dining experience at Conrad Maldives Resort & Spa. Your journey concludes in the tranquil Vaavu Atoll, a pristine fishing haven. Reflect on a journey woven with unforgettable memories, set against the Maldives' stunning backdrop.

Discover the full, captivating Maldivian yachting adventure here


Thailand – A Whimsical Sea Journey

Embark on an Enchanting Voyage: Set sail on an enchanting yachting journey along Thailand's diverse coastline, where the rich tapestry of Thai culture intertwines with the breathtaking beauty of its islands. From the lively coasts of Phuket to the tranquil waters of Koh Samui, each destination is handpicked to immerse you in a blend of natural beauty and cultural wonder.

Best Time to Set Sail: The ideal time for this yachting adventure is between November and April, when Thailand's weather is at its finest. These months offer sunny skies, calm seas, and a comfortable climate, perfect for cruising and island exploration.

Highlights Thailand’s shores:

  • Phuket's Cultural Mosaic: Start your journey in Phuket, immersing yourself in its vibrant culture, bustling markets, and historic temples.
  • Koh Phi Phi's Underwater Marvels: Sail to the crystal-clear waters of Koh Phi, a diver's paradise, where you can explore some of the most spectacular underwater scenes filled with colorful coral reefs and diverse marine life.
  • Koh Lanta's Serene Shores: Continue to the serene beaches of Koh Lanta, a peaceful retreat ideal for relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty of Thailand's coastline.
  • Island Hopping: Experience the joy of island hopping, visiting lesser-known gems like the Similan Islands, known for their stunning beaches and excellent snorkeling opportunities.
  • Thai Cuisine and Nightlife: Enjoy the exquisite flavors of Thai cuisine and experience the vibrant nightlife in the islands, offering a perfect blend of local and international experiences.

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7-day Itinerary Snapshot:

Mai Thon and Koh Dam: Set sail from Phuket's bustling shores to the serene whispers of Mai Thon Island, a hidden gem where time pauses amidst lush greenery and crystal waters. As you glide towards Koh Dam, let the allure of its iconic landscapes and tranquil beaches envelop you in a tropical embrace, painting a scene of Thailand's quintessential beauty.

Phi Phi Don and Koh Lanta: Secrets Drift towards the enchanting Phi Phi Don, where limestone cliffs rise majestically from emerald waters, and the island's rhythm resonates with the culture of its indigenous 'Sea Gypsies.' The adventure continues to the hidden paradise of Koh Lanta, a mosaic of dense jungles and mystical reefs, inviting you to uncover its secluded charm and underwater wonders.

Koh Rok Nok and Racha Yai: Embark on a journey to the serene Koh Rok Nok, an unspoiled sanctuary within the Mu Ko Lanta National Park, where nature's melody plays in harmony with the sea. Conclude your odyssey at the majestic Racha Yai Islands, where the essence of island life unfolds in its pristine beaches and vibrant reefs, leaving you with a tapestry of memories as you return to the vibrant energy of Phuket.

Discover the full, captivating Thai yachting adventure here


“Getting lost is not a waste of time.” Pierre Bernard

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Seychelles – A Tropical Paradise

Embark on an Idyllic Voyage: Seychelles, the "Jewel of the Indian Ocean," is a yachting paradise, boasting a mesmerizing archipelago of 115 islands. This destination offers an unmatched yachting experience with its pristine white sandy beaches, calm turquoise waters, and vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life.

A Yachtsman's Dream: The islands of Seychelles are a sanctuary for those seeking a serene escape amidst breathtaking natural beauty. The waters around these islands provide smooth sailing conditions and a plethora of anchorage spots. Discover secluded beaches for relaxation and sunbathing, and dive into crystal-clear waters to explore an underwater world filled with colorful coral reefs.

Highlights of a Seychelles Yachting Experience:

  • Mahé's Cultural and Natural Splendor: Explore the vibrant culture and lush landscapes of Mahé, the gateway to the Seychelles. Don't miss the bustling markets and the serene Morne Seychellois National Park.
  • Praslin's Vallée de Mai: Discover the mystical Vallée de Mai on Praslin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This prehistoric forest is home to the unique coco de mer palm and an array of exotic wildlife.
  • La Digue's Iconic Beaches: Visit La Digue, where time stands still. The island's Anse Source d'Argent beach, with its dramatic granite boulders against powdery white sands, offers a picture-perfect paradise.
  • Diving at Desroches Drop: Experience the thrill of diving at Desroches Drop, where the ocean's depths reveal vibrant coral gardens and a diverse marine ecosystem.
  • Snorkeling in St Anne Marine National Park: Immerse yourself in the underwater wonderland of St Anne Marine National Park, a sanctuary teeming with colorful marine life, ideal for snorkeling and marine exploration.

Seychelles Itinerary


8-day Itinerary Snapshot:

Embark on an 8-day Seychelles yachting journey, beginning at Mahe and cruising to the serene Saint Anne Marine National Park. Discover the secluded Silhouette Island, rich in natural beauty and marine life, then sail to Praslin, a haven of tropical wonders. Visit Felicite and La Digue, immersing in authentic island life and stunning underwater experiences. Explore the private island paradise of Fregate, home to unique wildlife and luxurious tranquility. Journey to Curieuse, an island steeped in history and natural beauty, before returning to Mahe, where tropical beaches and vibrant local culture await. This itinerary blends serene natural exploration with rich cultural experiences, offering a comprehensive Seychelles adventure.

Discover the full, captivating Seychelles yachting adventure here


Begin Your Adventure: A Voyage of Splendor and Thrills Awaits

Discover the unique allure of each of our featured yachting destinations. From the Persian Gulf's blend of modern luxury and tradition to the Maldives' serene atolls; from Thailand's rich cultural tapestry to the pristine beauty of the Seychelles – each offers an exceptional yachting experience.

We warmly invite you to explore these enchanting destinations with our bespoke yachting services. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, cosmopolitan lifestyle or cultural exploration, our tailored itineraries promise a voyage beyond compare.

For more information and to begin planning your unforgettable yachting adventure, please contact us. Your dream journey across the world's most stunning waters is just a booking away.




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