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A super time for Superyachts

Posted by Dimitris Kyriazakos on Oct 9, 2021 10:32:37 AM


2021, perhaps surprisingly, has proven to be an outstanding year for the superyacht market (the “superyacht” designation is used for luxury vessels more than 30m in length). According to SuperYacht Times iQ, more than 485 such vessels have been sold around the world since the beginning of the year, a number that translates to sales of approximately EUR 4.77 billion. The comparative number of vessels in 2020 was 296 and EUR 2.8 billion respectively.


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The way you move

Posted by EKKA marketing team on Mar 7, 2021 11:07:02 AM

The first Marine propulsion systems in the world were sails and oars. The simplest version of the oar was used for the first time in human history in Egyptian boats during the 4th millennium BCE, while ancient Egyptian sails are first depicted around 3200 BCE. Around the same time, Sumerian sailing boats have been discovered to traverse lengthy sea trading routes. Let’s not forget that even the discovery of America happened on magnificent sailboats, able to cross oceans in swift speeds. The first mechanical marine propulsion system was the steam engine, introduced in the early 19th century. Since then, boats have come a long way.

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The Green Yachtsman

Posted by EKKA marketing team on Dec 19, 2020 8:09:07 PM

Our industry of leisure and luxury doesn’t immediately bring to mind ecological sustainability. Nevertheless, we can all contribute by leading a more sustainable on-board lifestyle, minimising our environmental impact while at sea and thus protecting what we love the most: the waters upon which we sail.

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The Artful Yachtsman

Posted by EKKA marketing team on Nov 26, 2020 9:30:19 PM

What is it about the combination of yachting and art that’s so singular? Much more than fulfilling the need for a personal touch, art collections have found their sea homes in many custom luxury yachts and superyachts around the world, including Greece.

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Chase the sun, savour the sea.

Posted by EKKA YACHTS - EXCLUSIVE BRANDS on May 16, 2020 10:35:24 PM

As yacht owners or charterers you’re naturally accustomed to tenders and their limitations, which on occasion impinge upon your desire to relish open seas and skies without compromise. Enter chase boats. Speedily gaining popularity, they are an incredibly efficient, safe and elegant way to enjoy more options. After all, what is the utmost luxury if not freedom?

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Explore the unexplored: Sporades

Posted by Ekka Charter Team on May 3, 2020 12:34:39 AM

These are challenging times for all of us. They force us towards reflection and reevaluation, but also demand space for imagining: not just of the return to quotidian normalcy, but of days of freedom, joy and blue seas.

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Smooth sailing: Chartering-out your yacht

Posted by Ekka Charter Team on Apr 20, 2020 10:52:24 PM

Whether you are a yacht owner or a frequent charterer contemplating the next step in this lovely relationship, chartering-out your own yacht is an excellent strategic move. It is a fiscally and practically sound solution, which also offers a priceless commodity: peace of mind. Collaborating with a top charter management team, armed with expertise and a genuine passion for life onboard, will cover all the bases. 

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Our Hall of Fame of Ferretti Yachts

Posted by Panos Touloupiadis on Apr 3, 2020 4:49:57 PM

When EKKA Yachts was founded, in the long 1984, a successful relationship was about to begin and last for almost four decades and still counting. After 35 years, EKKA Yachts is a synonym for Ferretti Yachts, especially when it comes to the Greek and Cypriot markets.

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A wave of caring

Posted by EKKA YACHTS on Mar 22, 2020 2:28:03 PM

The Ferretti Group has launched a social media campaign to encourage donations to Italian hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus and its implications to yacht owners and charterers

Posted by EKKA YACHTS on Mar 15, 2020 7:59:29 AM

We hope that you are staying safe, healthy and calm during these distressing times. We know that you, along with the rest of the planet, closely follow the news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Your concerns about your current or future yachting plans in relation to the outbreak are understandable. EKKA Yachts would like to inform and reassure you of the following:

  • We have updated our policies with new addenda regarding the coronavirus. They are put in place in order to protect buyers, sellers, and charterers  in case of cancellation, change of dates and/or yacht location.
  • Our charter and sale contracts include new clauses in order to ensure our clients do not experience insecurity in the face of potential changes.
  • Our commitment to being flexible and accommodating means that charter itineraries (in cases of charter contracts) or delivery locations (in terms of sales and purchase contracts) can be changed at the last minute.
  • We remain in close contact with transportation companies in Italy and receive constant updates regarding movement of goods (including boats and spare parts) in and out of Italy
  • Our charter fleet's crews are all medically screened and compliant with the new guidelines put forth by the International Maritime Health Association. Sanitary requirements for yachts and crew before, during and after charters will all be strictly adhered to.
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